City of Hope and Ruin coverTitle: City of Hope and Ruin
Published by: Turtleduck Press
Release Date: May 11, 2016
Contributors: Siri Paulson, Kit Campbell
Pages: 326
ISBN13: 978-0692712603

Every night the monsters hunt. 

A city that is the whole world: Theosophy and her companions in the City militia do their best to protect the civilians from the monsters, but they keep crawling from the Rift and there’s nowhere to run. Theosophy knows she’ll die fighting. It’s the best kind of death she’s seen, and at least she can save lives in the meantime. 

They say the Scarred carve you up while you’re still alive. 

A village in the shadow of a forest: Refugees from the border whisper about the oncoming Scarred, but Briony can’t convince her brother to relocate his children to safety. Briony will do anything to protect them. She owes them that much, even if it means turning to forbidden magic. 

When Theosophy and Briony accidentally make contact across the boundaries of their worlds, they realize that solutions might finally be within reach. A world beyond the City would give Theosophy’s people an escape, and the City’s warriors could help Briony protect her family from the Scarred. Each woman sees in the other a strength she lacks—and maybe something more. 

All they need to do is find a way across the dimensions to each other before their enemies close in.

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City of Hope and Ruin

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