pencilKitKit Campbell has never met a mythology she hasn’t liked. This sometimes leads to issues, such as the occasional Norse God of Thunder showing up in the Garden of Eden. She adores weaving in the possibilities forgotten magic can bring to a story, and enjoys making up new creatures, such as large, venomous monsters that hunt in packs.

Kit’s stories have been published in half-a-dozen anthologies, and her YA novella, Hidden Worlds, was released by Turtleduck Press in 2010.

Her debut novel, Shards, was released December 2013.

Kit lives in Colorado in a house of ever-increasing chaos.

Here are some other places around the web where you can find me:

My twitter is @KitCampbell.

My Pinterest is here, and includes inspiration boards for some of my stories, including Shards.

I can be emailed at kitmcampbell at gmail dot com.

Editing and formatting services, for fiction and other media, can be found at Kit the Editor.

Free short stories and awesome speculative fiction and poetry are located at Turtleduck Press.

All blog posts here are mirrored from Where Landsquid Fear to Tread.


I’d also like to acknowledge the people who helped me put this website together. The banner art was done by Anna Landin. My WordPress theme was created by Dianna Bell, and polished by Sharon Clark.


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Books by Kit Campbell

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