Novel projects currently in work.

On Submission

What Lurks Beneath the Bleachers (YA Paranormal) – Ali and Sara are the best of friends, despite Ali’s propensity for pranks and getting under people’s skin.  Sara’s mostly worried about how she somehow landed the lead in the school musical (and if her rival will kill her for it) and not looking like an idiot in front of crush until Ali just…disappears.  But perhaps most disturbing is that Sara continues to receive letters from Ali in their shared locker, and they’re becoming increasingly desperate.

In Drawer

Broken Mirrors (YA Fantasy) – Winnie’s dreamed of coming into her full power as a witch.  She and her cockatiel familiar, Igor, have trained for years for her test, but when she’s finally called she’s unprepared for what she’s asked to do – kidnap a princess.   Her best friend, Princess Kayleigh, would do anything to escape from her father’s latest marriage scheme.  Chaos ensues. (ABNA 2012 Semi-finalist)


Third Fencepost (YA Contemporary) – A joint story with my friend Sarah.  Ali and her good friend Chance are pleased to finally be counselors at their favorite summer camp, but the summer takes a sinister turn.


The Ri’shan Trilogy (Fantasy) – Rewriting Book 1. Book 2 and Book 3 have complete drafts. Lana and Dan may be the only hope for their people, whether they want to be or not.

Whispers in the Dusk (shhh, it’s a secret) – Anna can’t remember anything, but there’s something about the town she wakes up in that isn’t right.  What’s really going on?  Who is she?

World’s Edge (Fantasy) – 800 years before the Trilogy, the world is a very different place. One woman’s quest to raise her lover from the dead may teach her – and her crew – more than they ever wanted to know about themselves and where they came from.



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