The stories on this page are standalone and not featured in anthologies. If available on the internet, a link is provided.

Non-anthology short stories:

Time Management, science fiction, Turtleduck Press 2011
Doomsday, science fiction, Turtleduck Press 2012
The Door in the Attic, horror, Turtleduck Press 2012
To the Waters and the Wild, contemporary fantasy, Turtleduck Press 2013
A Bargain Beyond, fantasy, Turtleduck Press 2014
Band of Turquoise, paranormal, Turtleduck Press 2015
When the World Was Young, scifi creation myth, Turtleduck Press 2015
A Constant Companion (A Fractured World short), fantasy, Turtleduck Press 2016
The Night Forest, fantasy, Turtleduck Press 2017
Mother’s Love, fantasy, Spirit’s Tincture magazine May 2017 issue
Unwritten, fantasy, Turtleduck Press 2017

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