The landsquid is the official mascot of my blog, Where Landsquid Fear to Tread. And since the blog is mirrored here as well, invariably there are landsquid lurking about.

What is a landsquid? A landsquid is a squid that lives on land. He likes Cheez-Its and cocoa, and has been known to occasionally bake things. He looks like this:

Writing Landsquid


Landsquid lives next door to his arch-nemsis, the Alpaca. The Alpaca is often up to no good, usually of the hat-stealing variety of evil.


There are also a strange menagerie of creatures that are occasionally apparent, such as the alligator that lives in the tree, Turtleduck,


and the self-folding plesiosaur.


Their land is occasionally haunted by various menaces. The scariest is the Sky Shark.

Sky Shark!

However, the most persistent are the ceiling turtles, which drop onto people’s heads and chew on their ears.


While these creatures exist purely for my amusement, a vague storyline has emerged over the years. Of note are the Landsquid versus Alpaca week and the week the Alpaca took over the blog.

Landsquid story posts:

Landsquid art posts:

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