Why is the Alligator in the Tree coverTitle: Why is the Alligator in the Tree?
Release Date: December 1, 2007
Contributors: The Spork Room Writers
Pages: 87

Beware the alligator that lurks in the tree.

Alligators and trees need not be mutually exclusive. They can occupy the same space, no matter how unlikely that may seem.

In this collection of story and verse, the Sporkers, an aspiring group of writers, explore just what the alligator is doing in the tree.

How did the alligator end up in the tree? Perhaps a fearsome beast pursued it, leaving the tree as its only recourse. Maybe an experiment went awry and the befuddled reptile found itself in a new habitat. The alligator might be a state of mind or the victim of a most unusual punishment. Maybe it's not an alligator at all, but a more ominous green object. You won't know until you explore the various theories held within.

This is my first published story, and is so old I'm not even using my normal pen name. The anthology is only available from Lulu (though both print and ebook versions are available). My poems and story in the book are under "Kandybar."

Why is the Alligator in the Tree?

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