I know how it isn’t fun to read about someone else obsessing about something, and so I apologize about posting about Doctor Who again. But things are bothering me, and maybe the Internet at large can help me clear up some points.

I’m mid-way through season three (so, Ten and Martha), for clarity’s sake.

First of all, let me just say that I find the show a little jarring, the way people come and go. I understand why this is necessary–no one is going to want or be able to play the same character for the length of time the show has been on, but it’s very weird to get used to or to like a character just to have them disappear after a season or two. I mean, I finally got to like Nine, and then he regenerated. And then, when Rose goes, we lose not only her, but Jackie and Mickey too.

(That being said, I heart Martha. She’s my favorite.)

Okay, points for clarification:

1. Nine says he’s over 900 years old. Now, admittedly, I am completely unfamiliar with Doctor Who before Eight (I mean, I can identify some of the earlier doctors, but I have no idea about the focus of the show or anything) but it seems like none of his regenerations last particularly long. I mean, Nine only seems to have lasted a year. And I admittedly have no ideas how Time Lords count years, but it seems like there hasn’t been enough time represented, or even alluded to.

2. For there being a finite number of Daleks left, they are seemingly everywhere.

3. Let’s talk about “Blink.” I can see it looming a few episodes ahead of where I am. People have hyped up the weeping angels to me every since the episode was originally on. So I’m a little anxious about actually watching it. If it’s not as scary as I’ve been told, I’ll be a little disappointed, and if it is, I may never sleep again.

4. Also, last week I had a bad dream about Daleks and weeping angels, and I think it’s quite unfair to start worrying about them before I’ve ever seen the episode.

5. Also, it seems a bit ostentatious to call your species the Time Lords. But, then, of course, they’re all the Doctor, the Master, etc., so what do I know.

Right, bit rambly, and I apologize for that. Anyway, I shall move on to other subjects for Thursday. But feel free to discuss these and other points in the comments. (Seriously, though, Daleks.)

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